Faux arts is launching a competition to see which of you creative masterminds can take a slice of bread and turn it into masterpiece to rival the greatest of artists!

The rules are simple;

Firstly it Kneads (sorry!) to be made of edible ingredients. No it does not have to taste nice or even smell it, it just has too look awesome!

Next it must be made on toast. Your toast is your canvas and you must choose wisely. Wholemeal? best of both? you decide!

Once you have created your masterpiece send us a picture at with your name, age and ingredients used including the type of bread with a short description about the piece.

Entries will be posted on pinterest and the best ones will be posted on here!

All ages are welcome and there will be prizes for the winners!

Competition ends on the 3rd of February so challenge your friends and family and see who’s butter!