Faux Arts drop in session are a popular activity in the local area and are a great way to spend a morning or afternoon in Marlborough. We’re open 9:30 until 5:30 from Monday to Saturday. The activities available include ceramics, plaster, fabric and canvas painting all of which are extremely popular with kids and adults alike.

A happy moment at Faux Arts!
A happy moment at Faux Arts!

Ceramics are one of the most popular options and Faux Arts offers a large variety of objects to be painted. There is (as you might expect) an array of bowls, plates, mugs and other useful items that are great gifts for any occasion. If these don’t take your fancy then there are other ceramic pieces such as animal figurines and money boxes that might be a more interesting alternative.

These ceramics do take time to be fired. The glaze applied gives a glossy finish when heated in a kiln. The general time frame given is one week which allows them to be fired again if need be but the finished product is always well worth the wait.

The Faux arts plaster selection is unique as all the reliefs are made by hand and are all things that have been suggested by the customers themselves. Unlike the ceramics these can be done and taken away on the day.

Fabric painting includes bags, hats and shoes all painted in some very vibrant and fluorescent colours. The bags are often used as P.E and swimming kits as they come in a variety of sizes that can be personalised to suit. These bright items are always easy to spot around Marlborough and Pewsey and the local schools!

Canvases are a classic and totally open activity for anyone to do. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on what you want to do. It can be anything from a sign for your bedroom door to a detailed painting or design.

Faux arts drop in sessions also have Nelly’s cafe in the other room where you can purchase a drink or a slice of cake and paint your drop in session art. Nelly’s cafe has the most delicious homemade cakes with drinks such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate (with a large amount of marshmallows!) and squash. Opening times for the cafe are the same as the drop in sessions.

Faux arts drop in sessions are very popular with people of all ages but especially with the children of Marlborough and Pewsey. Very young children have created some of the cutest ceramics with foot and hand prints on. These are great ideas for presents to friends and family. However most children simply enjoy splashing the paint on all over the item which is fun and entertaining for them and the parents are just glad that it’s not in the house!

Drop in sessions are nearly always available at Faux Arts. You are welcome to stay for all the time you need to finish and pay only for what you are doing with no studio fee.

So come and find us at 30, The Parade, Marlborough, Wiltshire. We look forward to seeing you!