In line with all the recommendations this week sadly, and much to our distress we have to close for now. We will miss you all.

But do not fear, because we have a plan….FAUX VID 19….A new way of meeting up with us online

FOR EVERYONE ALREADY ON A COURSE: You will need to send to our new e mail, an email you want us to use for weblessons, your name,(a parents name and email with your name if you are under 16), which class and time you attend normally with us,( and your school year if you are under 16.) I know we know all that anyway but we need to have it on that email so we can contact you from there and so we know it is spelled right and everything. A phone number too so that if we have a problem we can ring you let you know how to set it up.

FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BE ON A COURSE WHEVER YOU ARE: You will need to send us the same details as above to the same email but obviously instead of the current class you are on, you will need to put on the subject heading NEW STUDENT. Everyone is welcome wherever you are.

HOW IT WILL RUN: We will be running online anytime videos for all Art with Mummy, After School Art Clubs, as well as later some specific project ones such as portraits, landscapes, in oils, watercolors or acrylics etc., sessions which you will be able to download with a login and use when you want. We will start with materials you are likely to have at home but over the next weeks there will be “kit boxes”available too.

GCSE support, A Level support and Adult Lessons will be set up using a webinar system so we can all talk and show each other what we’re are doing. There will also again be specific theme ones, including a Visual Diary Project, Inks and resist, Portraits etc.

All of these should be available from Tuesday 24th March, and you need to contact us on You can of course also ring, as always on 01672 512031

Lastly keep happy and keep safe and we will see you all soon we hope. Thank you for all your messages of support, we are trying very hard to keep in touch and to still be here. Thank you for your help.