Some of you may have noticed that their is a New Phase at Faux Arts……………………….WE HAVE MOVED……..  For all of you who have been looking for us we can only apologise and reassure you that we have not gone far, only to Marlborough and that we have not changed we are just as messy and disorganised as ever and just as pleased to see you all.  The coffee is as good, and the cakes are better.  Need I say more.

We have big thank yous to give to all of the lovely people who helped us move, all of you made it possible and made us feel your support and friendship.  Faux Arts will always be very very grateful to you all.  Also a big thank you to the White Horse Bookshop who gave us their old shelves, and to Jan and Edwina who officially opened the New faux Arts Shop on Sunday 6th April.  Edwina and Jan have sold me art materials and given me support for almost my entire art life and it seemed appropriate for them to open the shop.  The White Horse re-opened itself on the 8th April and I have to say it looks beautiful we wish them all well.

Recently as well we have received financial and business support from the Fredericks Foundation.  So also a big thank you to Nynke who helped us all through the application process and for the on going financial and business support they will give us in the future.  It would be much more difficult without their help and advice and I am looking forward to working with them.

Lastly but not least, I feel I should thank Jan’s late husband Mr Lillywhite who as many of you know was deputy Head at St John’s while a lot of us from Marlborough were there.  I have to say that he let me skip school regularly to draw even letting me out of school to join a painting group in town with Karen Staniland when I was 14.  I really appreciate that he realised that I was never going to do anything else apart from Art……….and how right he was.

So we will see you all in the new shop,  I look forward to seeing you all again.  The paint  is new and the brushes are fresh…………………………………..

So we should be more secure in the New Shop, there is more room and there will be more courses.