Just before Christmas 2015 we successfully registered Art with Mummy as a trademark….which we were delighted with, partly because in order to get it we had to prove how many of you knew about us, followed the Art with Mummy masterpieces on Pinterest, saw us as the first port of call for pre-school art classes. So thank you to all our budding artists and their families for their support

Art with Mummy is our renowned art course for pre-school children aged 2 to five and their carers. (It is not just open to Mums we have a lot of Dads and Grannys and Aunts as well!)

In this course we do weekly projects covering various themes, using a wide range of materials and experiences to help you and your child develop your skill, confidence and creativity in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The art part of the session last for about 45 minutes followed by squash coffee and biscuits, because we think that the social part of art is just as important as the art!

Our young artists are phenomenal, their work can be viewed on our Gallery Boards at Faux Arts on Pinterest, and their work is followed by organizations and students worldwide. Like Banksy, of course true identities of the artists are kept secret……

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Art with Mummy sessions are now available through our magazine available through Apple Newsstand and google play (search for Faux Arts Magazine), on all mobile devices. The magazine has simple project outlines with photographs and helpful hints, as well as follow-along videos. So now you can join in with Art with Mummy wherever you are!