There are a number of up-coming projects and events that we are involved with at Faux Arts, and you will be able to see details and photos as they progressIf on this page.



We currently are exhibiting the entrys for the New Pewsey Flag competition.  All the entrys are exhibited in the Faux Arts studio until the 8th October, and all visitors are invited to vote on the design they think would be best.  The winning Flag design will then be made into a formal flag and reproduced as the new Pewsey Flag.  This competition has been set up and managed by Howard from St John’s Church in Pewsey.

Flag Competition Pewsey


This is a new collaborative project where we are asking people to send in digital images and stories celebrating what you consider to be the most epic costumes of Pewsey Carnival over the last 10-15 years.  These will then be included in a carnival painting and also an event painting to decorate the station and to remind everyone using the train of arts events in and around Pewsey.  WE are looking to stories as well as costumes relating to arts events, and myths and legends of Pewsey to be incorprtated into the boards.  The project has been agreed to by Frist Great Western and you will be able to view the paintings as they are done, to check if your images have made it yet….at the Faux Arts studio.

We are aiming to photograph the paintings onto steel, to be erected 1st May 2014, so there is no time to lose…you can e mail your contributions to, and we will put up ongoing images as we go.  The style will be the same as the carnival screen which is currently on show at the studio.  Please let us know as much as possible about your photos, including who you think it is and if needed a description of what the costume doesn’t need to be a good photo, we can adapt.