Faux Arts Rushall School

Faux Arts designs and delivers bespoke arts projects to organisations including schools, youth groups, arts trusts, hospitals and health and community organisations throughout Britain.  Examples of which can be seen on the Faux Arts Pinterest galleries.

At Faux Arts each year we are commissioned by local and national organisations to deliver high quality arts projects in the community.

Each project is designed by us to meet the needs and aims of your organisation – we work with anyone and everyone, and in the last five years the groups we have worked with include schools, youth development centres, arts trusts, hospitals, mental health groups, councils, housing organisaations, special needs groups, carers groups,  teenage pregnancy anti-natal care services, pre-schools, sure start centres, private companies and many many more varied organisations across the uk.

We have loved every minute of working with you all,  thank you.

Below are some examples on Pinterest

Easton Royal Academy

Thomas Metcalfe Centre

Bertie Maffoon ArtClub