Faux arts in the woods

Our renowned and well loved course, Art in the Woods, is based in a cabin at the woods at Clench Common, where young people and children have the opportunity to work directly from what is around them in a constantly changing environment.  We have access to a cabin on site which we use should we need shelter.  This also means that these courses are available throughout the year, and excellent opportunity to draw the woods in full leaf, or icy spikes.

Art in the Woods is suitable for any age from 2 years upwards.  We charge per person doing the art project, so adults too are welcome to take part, (although if you come with a child who is under five they will need some help to do the activity and you may not be able to the art yourself) This is truly a unique course for all the family.  All children must be accompanied by an adult for the courses for younger ages, children attending the older sessions, 11+ can come on their own.

Please call 01672 512 031 to enquire about dates.