Faux Arts offers the most comprehensive programme of art classes in Marlborough, Wiltshire helping children from as young as 2 years old to youngsters up to A level and adults gain confidence to produce a wide range of masterpieces in a fun, relaxed environment.

All lessons in the Faux Arts Programme are created and developed by its Founder, Sue Faux, lead artist and teacher.

“Our children love the variety and the relaxed atmosphere. I really think they feel part of a Faux Arts Family! They are developing real artistic skills and becoming very competent. When they draw something at home, they do so with astonishing ability.”

*For the full list of 2018-2019 courses please scroll down*

For more information or to book a place please call us on 01672 512 031 or drop in to see us at 30, The Parade in Marlborough. We also deal with enquiries emailed to: fauxartsstudio(at)gmail(dot)com 

NOTE: Children can come in to the classes for their school year without any previous experience.

Sue Faux, Founder Faux Arts/Art with Mummy® Lead Artist/Teacher
Sue Faux, Founder Faux Arts/Art with Mummy®
Lead Artist/Teacher

“I can highly recommend Sue Faux as the most fantastic Art Teacher, from personal experience. Talented, skilled, deeply trustworthy, & with many years’ experience. Sue has a great way with kids, plus a fab sense of humour. If you are thinking about these courses, don’t hesitate!” – PB, Marlborough

Class schedule has been updated for courses starting in September 2018.

ART WITH MUMMYImage result (Preschool)
Art with MummyImage result classes familiarise children with some fundamental skills such as how to properly hold and use a pencil and a brush, and how to work with a variety of materials including paints, inks, clay, plaster, etc.

Children are introduced to the basic principles of painting, drawing and making, including colour theory, simple perspective and mark-making through themed projects and pictures.

*Preschool (Ages 2 to 4)*
Tuesday at 1.45 to 2.45 pm (includes refreshments)
Friday at 9.30 to 10.30 am (includes refreshments)

Art with Mummy in Marlborough Wiltshire

After School Art Club courses teach fundamental art skills in drawing, painting and making in a variety of materials to give primary-aged children the confidence and techniques they will use throughout their artistic career in school and beyond.

*RECEPTION and YEARS 1 to 5*
This unique programme of art classes in Marlborough is designed to build on what children have learned in the Art with Mummy classes (or/and at Nursery) and to take them through ‘Big School’. Although you don’t actually sit with your child,  you are nearby where you can hear what is going on in the class. You can relax, and have a cuppa while you wait in our Nelly’s Cafe.

Tuesday at 4 pm (3/4 hour) – Reception, Years 1 and 2

Thursday at 4 pm (3/4 hour) – Years 1 and 2
Saturday at 9 am (1 hour) – Reception and Year 1

Monday at 3.30 pm (1 hour) – Years 3 and 4
Tuesday at 4 pm (1 hour) – Years 3 and 4
Thursday at 4.45 pm (1 hour) – Years 3 and 4
Saturday at 10 am (1 hour) – Years 2 and 3

Faux Arts After School Club Marlborough
Monday at 4.30 pm (1 hour) – Year 5
Thursday at 4.45 pm (1 hour) – Year 5
Saturday at 11 am (1 hour) – Years 4 and 5

*YEAR 6 (Age 11)*
Children learn further technical art skills to take them through to secondary school, as well as developing their own style. Lessons include observational drawing and painting, colour mixing, composition and eye flow, perspective, etc. Small classes, in a calm and relaxed environment where one person teaches.

Monday 4.30 (1 hour) – Year 6
Tuesday at 5 pm (1 hour) – Year 6
Thursday 4.45 pm (1 hour) – Year 6

Saturday at 12 noon (1 hour)  – Year 6

*YEAR 7 (age 12), YEAR 8 (age 13), YEAR 9 (age 14)*
Monday 5.30 pm (1 hour) – Years 7 and 8
Tuesday 5 pm (1 hour) – Year 7
Tuesday 6 pm (1 hour) – Years 8 and 9  (starters)

*YEAR 10 (age 15) Preparing for GCSE*
Wednesday 5.30 pm (1 & 1/2 hours)  – Year 10

*YEAR 11 – GCSE/Support *
Wednesday 4.00 pm (1 &  1/2 hours) – Year 11

Faux Arts Pre GCSE Art Class

Weekly adult drop in classes available with Sue Faux. Sue will help you develop any aspects of drawing and painting that you would like to focus on in a relaxed atmosphere. Beginners are welcome.
Wednesday 10 am to 12 noon

To make an enquiry or book a place for art classes in Marlborough, Wiltshire, please call 01672 512 031, email fauxartsstudio(at)gmail(dot)com, or drop by the shop at 30, The Parade in Marlborough SN8 1NE.